Discover yourself and pursue your dreams!

As an adult, you shouldn’t plan to work in an organization forever and become miserable and unfulfilled at old age.

Your retirement may not be able to take care of your health and needs at old age if not adequately planned now. Your real purpose is not found in 9 to 5 hours daily Job. As you do that, you must set your plan in place, know how to save, spend little Time and Money on your personal growth in preparation for your real Passion.

let’s not get it twisted and be carried away with the fantasy of office work, you must set your Time right. You are meant to work for a while gathering experience and funds, then leave the job for the young graduate to come and do the same. But this can only be made possible when we discover ourselves.

There’s something unique about you honestly, you need to lock yourself in the room and have a deep thought about your life, stop running after Shadows when you have a unique talent to trade within you.

My Testimony…

I remember as a young child back in the days of my primary and secondary school, I usually give my friends and some adults advice, that usually ends well, they will come back to me and share their joy over the advice, I didn’t know did was a special gift.

At a point in my life, I lost this gift, probably as a result of a careless lifestyle and lack of personal development. I got the spirit of Discernment back when I retrace my life back to my maker, I became more spiritually alert and dedicated.

Then a day came, I got the idea of anchoring an online group and it was so overwhelming to me. I didn’t know how and what it would look like, I needed a push…thank God I got one.@ Barrister Adewale, my friend call and told me she wanted to organize a group and would like to make me an Admin. 😄😄😄, so I gladly accepted and told her about mine. The next day I started putting things together and this has an impact on so many lives. ( )

 What Have I Gained from Anchoring This Group?

  1. Because I needed to teach the right thing, I have to read always and I became exposed to things I could never imagine.
  2. Divine protection: I ran into some bandit at Ifo (Ogun State) sometimes ago, and I had over 200k that belongs to a client that day, one of them pointed his machete at me to surrender my phone, but deep inside of me, I said no, as I just concluded what I would be teaching my people for that day, it was on a Friday and the teaching was completed in the vehicle on my way going there.

so I told him to please save my phone, that I would give him money instead, trying to bring out the money.

His boss came and said, ” what is the problem, why do you want to collect something from her, common leave her alone and let’s go. and that was how God protected me because I choose to run with my assignment. I was lost in the pursuit of that assignment that I was not conscious of the money or my life. But God saw it.

  1. I have written several books before now that never saw the light of the day. But the group I created made that dream come through.

I was able to put together some of our teaching series, your contributions, and teachings together to form a Wonderful book. So for all of this benefit, my sleepless night worth it after all. and I am indeed grateful to God and every one of us. thank you so much, you made it happen.

The Revolution taking place now is moving us from the industrial age to the information age, and we must be part of this revolution. An Indian man said, there is a lot of money on every street of Nigeria, but Nigerians are too blind to see it, I know the government policies are so bad and presently the Net profit of Nigeria is 2%, which means there is no business you will start in this country that will give you above 2% profit.

But I put it to you that Isaac was referred to as a great businessman in the land God shows him and the Philistines envied him. He was referred to as a successful businessman when other businesses were closing down. In fact, he was so successful that he became a threat to the nation and they have to come and sign a peace treaty with him.

The major aim of our leaders is to paralyze the youth, starve us with basic amenities that can make you think well, I challenge you today, let’s do something for this country, for the sake of our next generation.

Let’s discover ourselves, our purpose, our assignment to this generation otherwise there will be No Nigeria for Our Children.

I know most of us will say Start-up Capital is the challenge……But I must be sincere with you that you do not need Huge capital to Trade your Talent.

How Do I Start Trading My Talent Without Capital?

  1. Get any minimal Job for sustenance, e.g. sales rep, cleaner, security, house help Teaching, Errand Job, just don’t sit at home idle. or you keep your existing Job.
  2. lock yourself in a quiet environment and settle down with your maker, ask God to show you your real assignment. think deeply about yourself.
  3. After the deep thought, choose one out of that gift you discover that is marketable and make sure you Niche down to a single one.
  4. Get materials from google on anyone you choose and begin to study.
  5. Open a WhatsApp group and begin to teach those things you know concerning that your passion, as you teach it, you become the master and a go-to leader in that field.

Don’t be scared to open the group, in case you don’t know who to add, add me (08036808444) and yourself first, and let us start.

Everyone is encouraged to open their group as soon as possible, please. E.g., you are good at Seducing Ladies, open a dating group, you can rear chicken or Animals, open Animal Husbandry group, you like fashion, open a group to teach people how to combine clothes and different style, you love securing people, open a group and teach us how to stay secure and protected, just trying to help you understand that you can create a group for whatever you love.

I will drop teaching on the benefit of creating a WhatsApp group soon and how you can go about it.


Thank you.

Aisha Samuel.

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